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AC 800F Controller for ABB Freelance DCS – All Products

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AC 800F Controller for ABB Freelance DCS – All Products:

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3BDH000002R1 PM 802F
3BDH000011R1 SA 801F
3BDH000013R1 SA 811F
3BDH000012R1 SD 802F
3BDM000356R1 TK 817F
3BDH000017R1 EI 803F
3BDH000020R1 EI 811F
3BDH000021R1 EI 812F
3BDH000013Z1 SA 811F-Z
3BDH000014R1 SD 812F
3BDH000014Z1 SD 812F-Z
3BDH000022R1 EI 813F
3BDH000022Z1 EI 813F-Z
3BDH000030R1 FI 810F
3BDH000030Z1 FI 810F-Z
3BDH000031R1 FI 820F
3BDH000031Z1 FI 820F-Z
3BDH000032R1 FI 830F
3BDH000032Z1 FI 830F-Z
3BDH000033R1 FI 840F
3BDH000033Z1 FI 840F-Z
3BDH000042R1 SY 809F
3BDH000044R1 AM 895F
3BDH000050R1 AM 811F
3BDH000103R1 AC 800F 16 MB 115/230 VAC
3BDH000133R1 AC 800F 16 MB 24 VDC
3BDH000530R1 PM 803F
3BDH000530Z1 PM 803F-Z
3BDH000622Z1 AM 810F-Z
3BDM000100R1 TK 831F
3BDM000103R1 TK 811F
3BDM000150R1 TK 821F
3BDM000160R1 TB 870F
3BDM000169R1 RY 885F
3BDM000172R1 TV 822F
3BDM000173R1 TV 823F
3BDM000174R1 TV 824F
3BDM000175R1 TV 825F
3BDM000180R1 TV 831F
3BDM000181R1 TV 832F
3BDM000190R1 RW 856F
3BDM000199R1 SB 808F
3BDM000201R1 TK 891F
3BDM000202R1 TK 890F
3BDM000210R1 TK 807F
3BDM000211R1 TK 808F
3BDM000212R1 TK 809F
3BDM000213R1 TK 802F

The AC 800F controller has a modular structure. The CPU is designed as a backplane to which various modules – power supply units, Ethernet and fieldbus modules – can be attached in line with the application. On the fieldbus side, modules for PROFIBUS-DPV1, FOUNDATION Fieldbus HSE, MODBUS (master / slave, RTU or ASCII), IEC 60870-5-101, IEC 60870-5-104 and CAN for Freelance Rack I/O are available.

The fieldbus line and the connected field devices are entirely configured and parameterized using the engineering tool Freelance. No further external tools are needed for configuration. Fieldbus and device configuration can be performed offline without connection to the field devices. In case of PROFIBUS, field devices or slaves can be integrated into the system using device specific GSD files or DTMs. If for a certain device no DTM is available, generic GSD files of PROFIBUS slaves can be used instead. Together with S900 remote I/O, HART variables are cyclically available as process data.

AC 800F Controller for ABB Freelance DCS
ABB AC 800F Technical Data
ABB AC 800F Technical Data

ABB Freelance DCS
ABB Freelance DCS




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